BMW Reportedly Bringing Back the M8 as Three New Cars Starting in 2019

The M8 range will be based off the company’s planned 8 Series, which will reportedly replace the current 6 Series lineup.

byChristian Gilbertsen|
BMW Reportedly Bringing Back the M8 as Three New Cars Starting in 2019


According to the folks at BMW Blog, BMW will finally build an M8 model range for the public—one that's not just a one-off concept. Reportedly slated to debut in 2019, the Bavarian automaker will release three models that will take the place of the current M6 range, which includes a coupe, convertible, and a swoopy sedan (a.ka. Grand Coupe in BMW vernacular). The first model BMW will release, reportedly, will be the M8 Coupe.

The upcoming M8 will reportedly borrow the powertrain that will be used in the new M5—a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that will develop around 600 horsepower. The dual-clutch transmission used in current BMW offerings will be ditched for a ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic that will be able to better cope with the torque and all-wheel drive configuration of the new range-topping M cars. 

While this isn't the first time BMW has ascribed the M8 moniker to a car, this will be the first time that a car with this nameplate will be sold to the public. Even though it won't feature the original prototype M8's V12 with a carbon fiber intake manifold and ITBs, this new M8 should be pretty special.

This, of course, is assuming BMW chooses to use the 8 Series moniker for the 6 Series replacement; if it doesn't, these cars would presumably go by the names of the models they would replace (M6 Coupe, M6 Convertible, and M6 Gran Coupe). No matter what they're called, however, they'll likely be damn fast.