Airplane Passenger With Horrific, Pus-Oozing Leg Wound Is What Travel Nightmares Are Made Of

Viewer discretion is advised.

There are many downsides to modern travel via airplane. For starters, there are the long wait times at busy airports and the heightened security due to terror threats—and not to mention really slow people who can’t remove their shoes and unbag their electronics in a quick and organized manner. However, the worst thing about traveling is being stuffed into a flying tube with other people, especially when they have open wounds with pus and other bodily fluids gushing out of them.

Thanks to the Passenger Shaming Instagram account, a sort of hub where travelers can submit photos and videos of shenanigans they’ve witnessed while traveling, we can see a man hanging out in shorts, no socks or shoes on, and a bandage of some sort near his knee. Unfortunately, the bandage apparently wasn’t strong enough to hold the immense amount of vomit-colored pus that had leaked out from the…opening. The amount of discharge was so great that it had formed a small puddle on the carpeted aircraft floor near his heel.

If you haven’t already clicked or tapped away in horror at this point, congratulations on having a strong stomach. While most comments are fittingly some variation on “this is disgusting” and “WTF,” one scientifically inclined Instagram user points out that “the air pressure must have ruptured his cyst! That’s so gross for the others on board.” 

Other gems include “guess you have to throw out the whole plane,” “#parachuteplease” and “someone has dropped a pineapple smoothing [sic] on his leg I’d say.” Thanks for ruining pineapple smoothies forever, buddy. 

As gross as this is, we kind of feel bad for this guy. It’s not likely that he chose to have a leg injury prone to oozing…stuff. And as much as his fellow passengers probably wished he had, canceling a travel plan because of a relatively minor leg injury is a little drastic.

Still, cover that stuff up

h/t: The New York Post