New Kevlar Shield Is Designed to Protect Police Officers

This origami-inspired kevlar shield is a lightweight, foldable solution to help keep officers safe from gunfire.

Police officers may risk their lives everyday to protect the public, but there are simple precautions and safety devices that can make some practices safer. Standoffs, one of the more dangerous situations officers encounter while on patrol, may now become relatively safer due to a new, portable shield that can protect them from gunshots.

The device, developed by Brigham Young University—a private research university in Utah—is a foldable kevlar shield designed to protect officers in high-risk situations. The foldable shield weighs only a little bit more than a suitcase and is made from 12 layers of bullet-proof kevlar. Its folding design was also inspired by origami.

Despite its low weight, the shield is capable of stopping a .44 Magnum, 9mm, and .355 Magnum, according to reports. We will keep you posted on whether or not departments start implementing this device.