Racing Through Lighted Railroad Crossing Arms Is Dangerous and Stupid

Is the risk of getting t-boned by a train really worth it?

byAaron Brown|
Racing Through Lighted Railroad Crossing Arms Is Dangerous and Stupid

Railroad crossing arms are in place for a reason—to prevent heavy, momentum-filled trains from t-boning motorists into oblivion as the railcars pass across congested roadways. A video shared by a British rail agency shows one driver completely disrespecting the otherwise respectful relationship between car and crossing arm. 

A video posted on the Birmingham NewStreet rail station Twitter account Wednesday shows flashing train track crossing arms coming down, but as the second side begins to lower, some manic driver in a Citroen hatchback weaves around the gates and across the tracks. Though the driver made it (this time), there's a good chance next time he or she might not be so lucky. 

“This selfish driver had callous neglect for the safety of themselves and others by ignoring the barriers and signals," said Ben Parish, route level crossing manager with the Network Rail, to the BBC.

If caught doing this in England, a motorist could face losing his or her's license and also fines of more than $1000, according to a tweet from a British Transport Police Twitter account. 

In the United States, there is a crash involving a train and a car every 90 minutes, according to the New York State governor's Traffic Safety Committee.

The motorist has not yet been identified