Why Suzuki Issued A Recall For One 21-Year-Old Cappuccino

Suzuki issued a recall for a 1996 Cappuccino that left the factory without a stamp on its engine 21 years ago.

byDanny Choy|
Why Suzuki Issued A Recall For One 21-Year-Old Cappuccino

Suzuki recently issued a new recall for the 1996 Suzuki Cappuccino. The fault? One zippy roadster's K6A engine block left the factory without its stamp. Twitter user @HIMA_RSOC shared the following post:

That's right – it's an official recall issued for a single Cappuccino, serial number EA21R-102188, that is missing the K6A stamp on the cylinder block. In fact, the official recall campaign even included a diagram to indicate exactly where the stamp needs to be. 

Suzuki Cappuccino recall

, suzuki.co.jp

And how does Suzuki plan to resolve this minor recall that does not affect the safety or mechanical soundness of this 21-year-old kei car? Apparently, Suzuki will replace it with a new engraved cylinder block. 

Via Jalopnik, the translated recall notice from Suzuki stated the following:

Contents of trouble: There is a cylinder block sold as a replenishment part that does not have embossing of the prime mover “K6A”. Therefore, it is not possible to confirm the identity with the vehicle inspection certificate on vehicles equipped with the cylinder block.

Content of improvement: Replace the prime mover model with a cylinder block that has been engraved.

Thanks to a tiny oversight from Suzuki, it looks like one Cappuccino and its lucky owner is about to receive a new engine. And given the Cappuccino's age, it's hard to think of a better time for this recall. Hopefully, either the Suzuki factory or the private owner will also use this opportunity to give this little Cappuccino a full tune-up or restoration.