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Jeep Tuner Teases 1980s YJ Wrangler Front End Kit for 2021 Model

Want to make your new Jeep look old? Say no more.

Nostalgia is one hell of a drug, and Jeep parts and accessories supplier Quadratec certainly understands that. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company, it’s apparently decided to do something special. More specifically, if you’ve been watching the company’s social media posts lately, it seems like it’s planning a YJ-style rectangular headlight fascia-swap for the latest generation JL Wrangler. 

The swap appears to use parts that are at least in the style of the YJ Wrangler’s headlights, if not actual parts from original trucks. The company says more news about this project will be released Tuesday, so until then, we don’t have much more information besides what Quadratec has posted on social media, which is just the one shot you see here.

Quadratec via Twitter

The Jeep YJ was released in 1986 as a replacement for the aging but beloved CJ, and it soon rose to the occasion of carrying the Jeep legacy. Replaced in 1996 by the TJ Wrangler, it’s carved out space in popular off-roading culture due to its decidedly Eighties rectangular headlights. It’s also capable off-road like any other Jeep, which doesn’t hurt.

Quadratec makes a number of parts and accessories for these trucks, but so far they haven’t done a crossover like this one. We reached out to Quadratec to try and find out whether this swap will be offered for sale, but we have yet to hear back. Seeing as nostalgia for the era is nearing a fever pitch, it’s likely that it would sell well if the company decided to put it into production. It would definitely be a welcome break from the endless swarm of angry grilles festooning the front of Jeeps everywhere. We’ll find out more tomorrow.

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