Watching Two Geo Trackers Balance on a Giant Seesaw Is Utterly Terrifying

And riding in one as a passenger? Forget about it.

Doing a little stunt-driving here and there is nothing out of the ordinary. Kia likes to takes its K5 sedan on some sweet jumps, and YouTubers like to ruin their brand-new Ram TRXs in spectacular fashion. However, what you don’t see very often is two cars teetering on a massive seesaw. But not just any cars…Geo Trackers, nonetheless.

Now yes, the Geo Tracker wore a lot of different name badges across different markets, yada yada yada, but that’s not the point. The point is that, for whatever reason, somebody decided that a high-stakes seesaw ride with two Trackers—with passengers onboard—was possible to perform and somehow worth the risk of injury, lawsuit, and even death. Keep in mind as you watch the videos below, that there are no guardrails and no safety mechanisms. If one of these cars were to fall off, that would be it.

Pradip Roy via YouTube

The circumstances of this stunt aren’t clear. Other similar stunts have been performed since the one on the first video was featured, and they’re in the context of being displayed as a stunt on a TV show. In fact, in other editions of this stunt, the same seesaw is used. Apparently, massive car-carrying seesaws are hard to come by.

As to why the daredevils choose Geo Trackers for this sort of thing, we’re not sure. We assume it’s because of their short wheelbase, light weight and nimble handling characteristics? Even in later executions of this stunt, Geo Trackers are also used. Maybe the stunt coordinators just like Geo Trackers!

The fact that there are passengers in the backs of these cars is pretty unnerving, though. Considering how close both drivers get to the edge of the seesaw, an accident could easily happen if the driver got a little excited. That’s somewhat acceptable if it’s just the person driving in the car, but a little more problematic if you’re intentionally endangering the lives of other people for the sake of a TV stunt. You can also tell by the footage that nobody is wearing helmets, just baseball caps.

Safety aside, though, this is an interesting stunt that definitely takes a lot of practice. This would be incredibly impressive if both of the cars were stick shifts. Imagine trying to hill-start on a massive seesaw?

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