Watch a Hit-and-Run Driver in a Nissan Altima Crash Fleeing a Chevy Camaro SS

She hit the wrong car.

byKyle Cheromcha| UPDATED Mar 21, 2019 2:54 PM
Watch a Hit-and-Run Driver in a Nissan Altima Crash Fleeing a Chevy Camaro SS

The arc of the moral universe bent quickly towards justice for a hit-and-run driver in a Nissan Altima in Texas earlier this month when she struck a Chevrolet Camaro SS, fled the scene with the Camaro in hot pursuit, and crashed less than a minute later after losing control on a sharp turn—and helpfully, the whole thing was filmed on the victim's dash cam and smartphone.

Uploaded to YouTube this week, the clip opens on a grey morning in Austin from the vantage point of the 2017 Chevy Camaro SS loping through traffic. The Nissan Altima that will soon play a starring role can be seen right away, easing down an inside left turn lane toward an intersection ahead of the Camaro, which is pulling up in a second left turn lane on the outside. As the both reach the turn, the Altima driver continues straight and plows directly into the side of the Camaro.

It's a pretty low-speed collision, but a good shunt nonetheless. There's no sound yet—we're not treated to the reaction of the Camaro driver. But we're sure it's a quick shift from shock to boiling anger as he watches the Altima flee and briefly drive on the wrong side of the road to get away. That's when he makes his decision. "I have a 2017 Camaro SS with 470hp," he writes. The chase is on. It's also short-lived.

The two were already on the edge of town, so within 30 seconds they're flying down a one-lane farm road, the Altima nearly topping 80 mph at one point with the Camaro SS roaring behind. And less than a minute after starting the whole episode, the hit-and-run driver ends it by losing control on a sharp curve and crashing into a tree and a barbed wire fence.

It devolves from there as the sound picks up. The Altima driver makes a few half-hearted attempts to extract her mangled car from a muddy ditch before hopping out and screaming "Look at my car!" and generally ignoring reality. The Camaro driver does a lot of yelling—understandable—using some less-than-polite language in response to her complete refusal to even acknowledge the initial accident. She offers to pay him off, then claims she needs to get back to her apartment to get the money, then takes off on foot when she realizes he's calling the police.

As a bonus, the still-running dash cam in the Camaro captures her trying to flag down another passing motorist and waving her arms in frustration when they drive around her. It doesn't appear this exchange generated any local news coverage at the time—in the end, it's a simple hit-and-run—but seeing as how she left her entire car at the scene, it's highly likely police were able to catch up to her.

Things can get very dangerous when civilians take action like the Chevy Camaro driver did here. But looking at the footage, it's clear he isn't so much chasing as following; he wanted her to stop, sure, but he's also keeping a relatively safe distance. The rural surroundings also limit the risk somewhat. He didn't cause her to lose control. It's painfully clear she never had it in the first place.