Which SUV Would Look Best as a Convertible?

Body rigidity, schmody schmigidity.

Rejoice, drivers of impeccable taste. Fiat is reportedly readying a 500X Cabrio, a convertible version of its already quirkily-styled compact crossover. While undoubtedly part of a rare breed, the 500X Cabrio is set to carry on the spirit of other oddball open-top utes like the Range Rover Evoque Convertible and Nissan’s Murano CrossCabriolet.

This got us thinking: What SUV or crossover would make the worst—nay, best convertible? What’s the one utility vehicle that’d look so ridiculous and objectively bad as a drop-top that it loops around to actually being good?


BMW X4 Convertible? Hey, it’s already a “Coupe,” why not do a drop-top as well? Plus, BMW already has plenty of experience selling heinously goofy shit to people with a straight face. Or how about a Ford EcoSport Convertible? It’ll simultaneously give Ford a truly direct competitor to the Fiat 500X Cabrio and finally give the EcoSport an iota of charm.

If it were up to me, I’d like to see Toyota come out with a retractable soft-top version of the RAV4. A needless convertible version of one of America’s most ubiquitous cars would be quite a sight and considering how many regular RAVs Toyota sells, it’s not like the company can’t afford to develop a drop-top edition. Toyota could even play the heritage card when you remember it made a retractable soft-top version of the three-door original RAV4 back in the ’90s!

What say you? If you could rip the top off one SUV or crossover on sale today, what would it be? And yes, you will be judged for saying “Jeep Wrangler.”

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