Ruined Die-Cast DeLorean DMC-12 From ‘Back to The Future’ Undergoes Dazzling Mini Restoration

It’s essentially a Concours-level job.

byPeter Holderith|
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Restoring full-sized cars can be multi-year affairs that can involve tens of thousands (if not millions) of dollars spent in the process of getting a car returned to its original shape. Sure, there's a big reward at the end, but if you're just into the act of restoring and not the part of spending all of that money, you could restore something a bit smaller, just like YouTuber Good Restore does. The channel is in the business of restoring die-cast models, and it's covered everything from the Batmobile to cars from the Fast & Furious franchise. 

Today, however, Good Restore posted a restoration of a classic DeLorean from the movie Back To The Future. As in its various other videos, the car is restored from a ruined state to better than new. With new hand-laden details never applied at the factory, this DMC-12 model is now one of a kind.

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We don't know where Good Restore keeps finding these ruined die-cast models, however, they just seem to keep coming. Perhaps it's a big fan of estate sales, or there's some kind of miniature car junkyard near its headquarters.

In any case, the restoration goes along like any other video on the channel. The car is completely disassembled, what's left of the paint is removed, a bit of carpet flocking is added, it's mostly pretty standard. 

What's not standard are the added movie parts that also have to be restored. Instead of just repainting the details that the factory diecast in place, Good Restore grinds that off and decides to replace it with some new miniature wiring that's more true to the movie car. It also adds a series of decals in places like the dashboard that the factory never would have bothered with. In the end, the DMC-12 goes from looking like the victim of a fire to a brand new movie prop.

Maybe if Good Restore can get that flux capacitor working we can just skip to this time next year and get back to doing normal stuff again—whatever that actually means. We would also have to figure out how to shrink ourselves down to 1/64th scale, though. This plan is suddenly getting a little complex.

Until then, grab the popcorn and enjoy the soothing restoration.

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