This Six-Wheeled Nissan Micra Is the Perfect Pickup for Everyone Who Says the Hummer Is Too Big

Bring back minitruckin’, they said…

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If you miss the good old days of the minitruck, how about a mini-mini truck? This six-wheeled Nissan Micra for sale on German eBay has been stretched and converted into a pickup, and somehow, it even has current registration in one of the strictest countries in the world. 

This German K11-generation Nissan Micra has one extra axle supporting some extra length added in the back in pickup bed form. All three axles have brakes, per the seller, and it comes with seven aluminum wheels in total—the six on the car plus one spare. There's even a nice fabric bed cover.

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Not only did it pass Germany's infamously difficult TÜV inspection—one so tough that it will fail you for small stuff like rust holes or a different tire size than stock, per Jalopnik—but it's also registered as a truck. According to the seller, that means he only pays €78 ($92 U.S.) in taxes per year on it. I see a pickup bed, so I guess that checks out. 

All modifications have to come with the appropriate paperwork over there and the list shown in the photos is appropriately long, but the seller says they're all legally registered. In case the three axles weren't enough, there's a GTI muffler from a fifth-generation Golf and side pipes as well. That should help the Micra's 54-horsepower engine flow a bit better for sure. 

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It looks like a pretty livable car, too, with remote locks, a sunroof and electric windows. It also has to be way easier to park than even the smallest pickup on sale here. 

Honestly, it's just a sweet graphics package and maybe a drop away from being the best minitruck I've seen in years. The grey exterior is a scratch-ding-resistant Raptor coating, but I think it really deserves something in magenta, yellow and teal. Maybe also neon and a nice drop? 

It's all for sale for just €6,800, or $8,042 U.S. at today's exchange rate. You can either enjoy it over there and have the world's most adorable redneck hot tub for the next time the Nürburgring 24 Hours allows spectators in the usual spots, or bring it over here in a few years, where it should pass inspection with ease. 

eBay | Bmw328i

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