Porsche-Driving Canadian Attempts Towing Jacuzzi With Crude Wooden Cart He Made Himself

Haven’t we all found ourselves in similar predicaments?

byPeter Holderith|
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All the time I'm sniffing around Craigslist, trying to find the right hot tub. When I do, I'm just so excited. I run outside, build a trailer out of a hand truck and scrap wood, and hook the whole thing up to my old Porsche 944. What, you don't do that?

Well, I don't need your support anyway, because I have found a new friend in Canada. He does the same thing I do and his setup looks amazing. (Just to be clear: no, I don't actually pick up hot tubs on hastily made trailers. Or own a 944 for that matter.)

Even if I was joking about my hot-tub toting hobby, I'm not joking about that guy in Canada. He got pulled over on Wednesday by the Woodstock, Ontario Police Service for doing exactly what I described. If you don't believe me, you can take another look below. I'll even try and figure out his setup for you.

Woodstock Ontario Police Service

This rig looks pretty complex, so forgive me if the details are a little tough to nail down. I'm very happy to hear any of the commenters' suggestions as to how this may work, as well. The key to the entire rig is the hand truck, clearly. It looks like it's fixed to those pieces of scrap wood with a few straps or some rope. The scrap wood forms both the base and a pivot point that's attached to the car.

I believe there's rope securing both the jacuzzi to the trailer and the trailer to the car. I think the firewood propping up the rear hatch is intended to prevent it from closing on the wood and shattering. Pretty ingenious. 

In case you're actually curious about the car⁠—sometimes we cover automobiles on this website⁠—it's a 968, the final iteration of the 944-style front-engined Porsches. It came with a choice of two 3.0-liter four-cylinder engines. All the ones you'll find in the U.S. will have the naturally aspirated variant with 237 horsepower.

That's plenty for a little spirited driving or a bit of towing as this guy did. For his efforts, he was charged with Careless Driving by the local police. I just hope this doesn't give a bad reputation to other people who want to tow things behind their car with a hand truck. 

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