Porsche 924 DP Cargo For Sale: The World’s Wildest Porsche-Based Coachbuilt Shooting Brake

This 924 DP Cargo is a custom-built one-off 924 Turbo-based shooting brake. A few 944-based versions were produced as well, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a 924 Turbo version built until now. Rare and polarizing, the two things I love!

byBradley Brownell|
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From the B-pillar forward, this 924 is just like every other 924, it's at the back that things get interesting. DP Germany (The DP stands for Design und Plastik, manufacturer of the original 935 Kremer fiberglass racecar bodywork) took nine Porsche 924s and a few handfulls of 944s and crafted an upright Shooting-Brake style hatch for them. The outcome is certainly different, but adds a lot of utility and a whole lot of visibility to the back of this oddly-proportioned yet strikingly simple Porsche. It's so odd that I can't help but love it. 


While this car started life as a regular 924 in 1977, it was later upgraded to full 924 Turbo specification, likely to add a little more zoom to go with the added room. Having driven a standard 924 not long ago, I can't imagine how slow it would have been with all of this extra weight tacked on to the back. Interestingly, DP created that rear hatch area by grafting on the modified roofline of a Volkswagen Passat Wagon and massaging things until they looked right. Personally, while the 944s do look a little better, this 924 Turbo job would be a fun one to make grocery trips in, or perhaps haul the dogs to the park. 


From the driver's seat the car is pretty standard 924 fare, albeit with rearward visibility is slightly modified. With a bit of suspension tinkering, it's likely that this 924 didn't lose any of its innate handling ability, and still tackles corners with as much fervor as its non-bewagonned counterparts. I'd certainly love the opportunity to get behind the wheel. With just 9 of them built, it's unlikely that will happen, but if you're a Porsche collector looking for a piece to set your collection apart, now is your chance to pounce. 

The car is currently for sale in the UK for a whopping Twenty-Six Thousand Pounds Sterling, making it one of the most expensive 924s available, but a small price to pay for such a small-run unique Porsche as it is. Mull it over, and maybe give them a call. 

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