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Flooded Pontiac Fiero Shop in Michigan Is Giving Away Almost Everything That’s Left

From bumpers to wheels and even old-school Pontiac signs, it's all available. But it has to be gone within a week.

Last week, we told the story of Tim Evans—owner of Fieros Forever—and the devastation his shop suffered as floodwaters tore through his community in central Michigan. Now, despite losing almost everything in the flood, Evans is spreading goodwill by giving away a load of Fiero parts and accessories that were recovered from his shop.

The list of parts being laid out for the taking appears to be extensive. Just from the Michigan Fiero Club’s video on the cleanup, we can see rows of doors, bumpers, hoods, exhausts, wheels, and more. There are even full socket sets and classic Pontiac advertisements mixed in with the parts. The Fiero Club says the giveaway is being done in an effort to salvage something positive from all of the destruction. Everything on the lawn is up for grabs, free of charge. There’s only one catch: It all has to be gone by June 2 so the area can be cleaned up.

Michigan Fiero Club via Facebook

Evans’ shop and museum were wiped out in the floods that ripped through Sanford, Michigan last week after a dam failed upstream from the town. He attempted to move some of the cars to spare them from devastation, but the dam’s failure unleashed a massive flood on the community of fewer than 1,000 residents. The damage was heartbreaking, to say the least. In addition to the loss of several rare cars, Evans’ building was damaged by another structure that was floating by in the rushing waters.

Michigan Fiero Club via Facebook

If you’ve got a Fiero and want to get in on the action, first go help out and donate to the family’s GoFundMe campaign. Then, hightail it to Michigan, because everything has to be gone in less than a week.

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