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Little Tikes’ Cozy Coupe Outsells Britain’s Best-Selling Car

There's a new king in town.

About 10 weeks ago, parents of the western world collectively realized they needed something to keep their children occupied while under quarantine. Some committed to rigorous home-schooling programs, others shut their kids up with electronics, and a huge number bought Little Tikes Cozy Coupes—so many, in fact, that the iconic, foot-powered toy car became Britain’s bestselling car for the month of March.

The Sun reports that during the third month of 2020, Little Tikes sold approximately 85,000 of its Flintstonian toddler-mobiles or one about every 31 seconds for the entirety of March. That’s more than the country’s six bestselling vehicles’ combined sales as of the end of April according to Auto Express, and more than five times the year-long sales of the country’s top-selling car, the Ford Fiesta, which moved 15,987 units in the first trimester.


Countrywide, Britain’s car market accounted for 254,684 new vehicle sales in March according to This is Money. Had the Cozy Coupe had been included in those charts, it would have accounted for almost exactly a quarter of the United Kingdom’s car sales.

“We’re thrilled to see the Cozy Coupe is still the car of choice for families throughout the UK,” commented Andrew Turner, head of marketing for Little Tikes. “As kids spend an increasing amount of time at home, we’re seeing many families inject creativity and personality into play.”

It just takes a quick visit to Little Tikes’ website to realize that there are over 15 different varieties of the Cozy Coupe, including monster trucks, fire trucks, and even a cozy gas pump!

Everyone but adults, that is, because grownups definitely don’t fit inside a Cozy Coupe. That’s why the Smart ForTwo exists, of course, though it’s hard to stomach being seen in one that doesn’t wear a Brabus badge.

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