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Behold: The Most Incorrect, Cringeworthy Lamborghini Sale Ad You’ll Ever See

"European muscle to make you hustle."

Used Lambo listings come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. There are your multi-million-dollar seized Veneno auctions, your six-figure, barely-used Countach listings, and then your Missouri Hyundai dealer Huracan for-sale ads.

Then we have this gem right here: a 26,000-mile 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder being sold in Florida for $84,999 from one Southern Trust Auto Group. What makes this listing notable, however, is not the price, the location, or even the car itself—but the cringe-tastic video that accompanies it. 

Like that tiger documentary everybody can’t seem to stop talking about, words can’t really do it justice. You just have to see it for yourself.

For starters: “Lamborghini ‘Gal-a-ra-doooooo’ two-door. Convertible. Coupe. Spyderrrrr?” Well, at least four out of those six things are correct. Those of you paying any sort of attention would have also noticed that despite this wannabe morning radio host’s claims of “manual muscle,” this car is not, in fact, equipped with a manual transmission but the six-speed E-gear unit. Also, we challenge every automotive YouTuber to lay-in a neighing horse sound effect every time horsepower is mentioned in a video.

Okay, while it’s easy to make fun of and poke holes in this dude’s sales pitch, we gotta give him props for enthusiasm. Not everybody can be a car expert and when you’re a part-time birthday party DJ and a used car salesman buddy asks you to do video work on this bright orange Lambo you know nothing about—you do not say no.

In other unrelated news, “Makin’ everybody smile with that HD-clean factory line lookin’ oh-so-fine quality” is now part of my Tinder bio.

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