Watch These Virtual Cars Hit 100 Speed Bumps At 100 Miles Per Hour

In this simulation, no one gets out alive.

byJustin Hughes|
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Computer simulations are amazing tools. You can use them to test new car designs without building a physical model. Police officers can practice high-performance driving in a much more accessible environment than a race track. And then there are the most important questions that only virtual reality can feasibly answer. For example, what would happen if you drove over 100 speed bumps at more than 100 miles per hour?

Such a simulation may not help save the world, but it does provide a highly-entertaining demonstration of numerous designs pushed well beyond their physical tolerances. DestructionNation used the video game BeamNG to create a virtual long straight stretch of desert highway, enabling even the slowest cars to hit triple-digit speeds. Then they dropped 100 speed bumps onto the road, making it resemble Interstate 95 just outside New York City. A wide variety of cars take a run down this turnpike of torture. Spoiler alert: No one here gets out alive.

Each of the cars, ranging from a cement mixer to a faux Subaru WRX to a 1980s Oldsmobile Delta 88, suffers catastrophic failure in its own unique way. Sometimes the results are as expected, such as the off-road SUV that does fairly well, or the compact hatchback that dies quickly. But others are more of a surprise, such as the Delta 88 that suffers more damage after going off the road than the speed bumps inflicted. No wonder my dad bought one just like the car in the game when I was a kid.

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And some of the crashes are just downright amusing. My favorites are the ones that hang on until literally the final bump, then explode dramatically. They've got 99 problems, but couldn't take the last one.

DestructionNation has hundreds of videos featuring stupid car tricks, including more speed bump tests, extreme police chases, cliffs of death, and good old-fashioned high-speed crashes. It's a great way to waste an afternoon. Or so I've heard.

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