Super Troopers Team Up with Turo for Safety PSA

The Vermont State Troopers have a few tips and tricks on how to handle the road.

A well-known automotive AirBnB-like a car sharing marketplace Turo has been having some fun in the month of April. 

Last week, The Drive told you about the hot tub boats you could use through Turo in both Seattle, Washington and San Diego, California through the whole month of April. Originally, many people thought the hot tub boats to be an April Fool’s Joke, but it turned out to be 100 percent true. This time Turo is having some fun on a completely different front.

Turo is teaming up with the Super Troopers to share a public service announcement for rules of the road. 

In the video, the Vermont State Troopers give you a slew of tips and tricks while playing around in a bright-pink lifted Jeep Wrangler, even one that does not mesh well with Turo’s Terms of Service such as tips on how to do a donut. Or as Turo says “Donuts are unchill with Turo’s Terms of Service.” 

Remember Turo cars are normal driver cars like yours, so as much as we at The Drive love seeing donuts and burnouts, we do not recommend or condone doing them in a Turo car. 

The Super Troopers cast reprises its roles in Turo’s video as well as their new Super Trooper film, Super Troopers 2, which releases in theaters April 20. The film has been 17 years in the making, the first Super Troopers film released back in 2001.

For a great laugh for your Monday morning, check out Turo’s video featuring the Super Troopers cast below.