You Can Now Rent a Hot Tub Boat Through Turo

For the entire month of April, you can rent hot tub boats from Turo. Seriously.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Culture photo

It's the first day of the month, April Fools Day. If I were to tell you that you could rent a hot tub boat from everyone's favorite Airbnb for cars, Turo, you would read, laugh, and disregard it as a joke, but it's true. 

Starting today for the entire month of April (while reservations allow) you will be able to rent two hot tub boats, one located in Seattle, Washington and the other in San Diego, California. The Seattle-hot tub boat can accommodate 6 people while the San Diego-hot tub boat accommodates a total of 10. 

"Having already revolutionized the economics of car ownership, we're looking to put an even more underutilized asset to better use: the hot tub boat. Starting today, Turo will pivot to redefine the economics of owning hot tub boats, and make them available to travelers who want to go beyond the road,” said Turo CEO, Andre Haddad, from his executive hot tub boat. “We’ve seen the future of transportation marketplaces, and it isn’t autonomous, nor is it blockchain-based. It’s Jacuzzi. To achieve this new mission, we plan to hire a team of hydrotherapy specialists, and we're bringing aboard our very first Chief Hot Tub Boat Skipper to fire up the jets on hot tub boat acquisition.”

Talking and having a laugh with The Drive, Senior Communications Coordinator Christin Di Scipio explained that the hydrotherapy specialists and Chief Hot Tub Boat Skipper positions are indeed the April Fools jokes, but the hot tub boats can seriously be rented through Turo. The Chief Hot Tub Boat Skipper position has a rather interesting job listing

I had no idea that I needed a hot tub boat in my life until now.