Even an $850,000 Batmobile With Working Guns Isn’t Safe From Getting Towed in Russia

He’s the hero Moscow deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll tow him. Because he can afford it.

byJames Gilboy|
Culture photo

Batman may be the only vigilante saving his city from organized crime, but the upholder of law and order should know better than anyone to tag his car. Because of one aspiring Dark Knight's lack of foresight, however, Russian authorities were recently filmed towing away a fully functional replica of the Batmobile from Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman.

This license plate-less Batmobile is believed to belong to one Alisher Punk, whose Instagram account @fastboompro has the vehicle plastered all over it. He is believed to have acquired the car after its exportation from the United States to Russia in late 2019, where it was listed for sale for $850,000 according to Russia Today. While it's unknown what Punk paid for this Batmobile, his social media shows he drives it on the Russian capital's streets regularly—just look at that wear on its rear tires.

Between roaming the roads without plates and firing the car's functional guns in public, it's likely the Moscovian police were on the lookout for this vehicle, so when they discovered it parked along a city street, they had no choice but to tow it. Authorities reportedly wrapped the Batmobile in plastic to avoid scratching it, and because of the vehicle's massive 13-foot width, they had to call on a special heavy-duty tow truck.

The Batmobile reportedly ended up in an impound lot, recovery from which will cost The Slav Knight ₽50,700 (some $775). When you can spend six figures on street-illegal Batmobile clones, though, that kind of fine may as well be a slap on the wrist.

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