For Sale: Custom Toyota Sienna Minivan Is a Corner Office on Wheels

Just imagine the calls you could make on that sweet desk phone.

byRob Stumpf|
For Sale photo

Traveling can be a big part of almost any career, in fact, making technology more mobile has become a booming market; smartphones, razor-thin laptops, and even the development of AI software has made the life of a traveling businessman just a bit easier. But the goal of the modern on-the-go, non-stop worker has to be never having to leave your office behind. Well, now you can with this 2015 Toyota Sienna that's ready to work, though a tad unusual. 

A used car dealership in New York is offering up a rather unique proposition to the mobile office fantasy and much like a well-groomed mullet, the real party starts in the back.

Open either one of the minivan's sliding rear doors and the Sienna's office transformation immediately greets you. The center-row pilot seats have been removed to expose a small foyer at the foot of a single rear throne that you can occupy for the next eight hours of your life. Once seated, buckle up and explore the finely crafted desk that surrounds you, but please try to not get too distracted by the slick wooden fascia while you prepare to embark on the day's work.

To your left sits a corded office phone ready to take calls. Underneath, a small slide-out portion of the desk then moves over your lap with enough room for your laptop to rest and for you to type the day away. Before you know it, it's time for lunch. Fortunately, you don't have to go anywhere for that either. Below the padding that your right arm is resting sits a small mini-fridge that has been keeping your lunch chilled to perfection.

And this entire mobile command center can be yours for the price of $19,495, which is fairly reasonable compared to other used examples,  though they lack similar interior office accouterments. It's also an especially fine price considering this Sienna has passed through the hands of just one owner in its life and has a modest 42,625 miles on the odometer.

The dealer is advertising this particular minivan as a "Premium Presidential Limo"; perhaps perfect for the CEO on-the-go who isn't ready to spend top-dollar on something a bit more German.

Unfortunately, the van itself came from a dealer auction so the details on the origins of the conversion are slim, but that doesn't make it any less desirable. Many companies out there charge a substantial premium on top of the price of a brand new vehicle, so picking up this bargain of a unique build means that you can finally have that corner office you've always wanted—so as long as you just park in the right spot.

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