Six-Wheeled 1971 Lincoln Continental Pickup Could Be Your All-in-One Oddball for $8,000

It's got plenty of power to turn those extra wheels thanks to a jumbo-sized, 7.5-liter V8

For just $8,000, you can own a one-off, six-wheeled 1971 Lincoln Continental that, strangely, also has an extra-long pickup bed tacked onto the back. If high-dollar creations such as the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 are out of your budget and you don’t much care for the Hennessey-tuned Ford Raptor variant, then this might be your best bet.

This custom Mark III is listed on Facebook’s classifieds and given its strange, lengthy design, we’re betting it’s the only one of its kind. It’s sure to be a conversation starter at your next cars and coffee gathering, swap meet, or intervention should you actually want to parade this thing around town like some kind of knock-off Matthew McConaughey.

It started life as a fifth-generation Mark III coupe from the earliest days of the Ford Panther platform. Given its body-on-frame underpinnings, we don’t imagine this custom job was too difficult since these chassis are fairly versatile when it comes to modifications.

The seller claims it’s traveled just 43,943 miles and the only thing it supposedly needs is a new set of tires. Under the hood is a gargantuan 460-cubic-inch, 7.5-liter V8 that makes around 365 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, if it’s a true ’71 model. Lincoln later implemented restrictive emissions equipment, which choked power down to 208 horsepower by 1972. 

It even retains the epic hideaway headlights that the Lincolns of the ’70s were known for, assuming the revolving door covers still work.

Getting around with the extra pair of wheels shouldn’t be an issue thanks to all that power coming from the classic V8, but we’d never want to parallel park or even navigate a slight incline in this boat. That said, whoever went through the work to piece together such an, erm, unique coach should be commended for their dedication if not their questionable motives.