See Rivian R1T Adventure Truck’s Awesome Stowaway Camp Kitchen and Shelter in Action

Say what you want about the electric truck, but its unique architecture allows for clever attachments not available in traditional pickups.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Those who consider themselves "overland enthusiasts" are no less than thrilled about the Rivian R1T pickup and R1S SUV. The pair of electric off-roaders are promised to pack loads of equipment for hitting the trail with zero emissions to boot, meaning they're both exceedingly capable and eco-friendly while looking certifiably handsome. Rivian wants to retain that wow-factor ahead of its trucks reaching customers' hands and has rolled out a stowaway mobile kitchen, which retracts into the R1T's innovative bed storage area seamlessly.

The entire package is impressive, firstly because of the idea to create extra dry cargo space inside the bed. This allows for drivers to pack anything that'll fit—from camping gear to groceries—without taking up room in the cabin or box. Secondly, the concept of developing a camp kitchen to slide in and out in a cinch makes for supreme convenience when it's time to whip up some chow at your crew's base site for the weekend.

See a prototype of the equipment in action here, with the scenic backdrop of Arizona's Coconino National Forest:

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As the video alludes to, there's still room in the R1T's bed for the factory-mounted rack and roof-top tent while stowing other camp essentials underneath, such as sleeping bags, folding chairs, and dry-sacks for clothing and hiking gear.

The camp kitchen prototype features drawers to store pots and pans, ample counter space to slice and dice fresh-picked veggies or meat, a sink with five gallons of water storage, and a flush-mounted electric range to cook up the rest of your meal should you not have a fire, or if it's already reserved for the main course.

It's unclear whether this feature will be available at launch for the R1T or how much it'll cost, but judging by everything else Rivian has promised to bring to market, expect to see it become a reality in due time.

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