Ferrari Won’t Go Into Formula E, Marchionne Says, But Another FCA Brand Might

*Cough cough—Maserati—cough cough.*

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Ferrari Won’t Go Into Formula E, Marchionne Says, But Another FCA Brand Might

These days, it seems as though nearly every carmaker with a racing program is clamoring to climb into the all-electric racing series known as Formula E. Last week, Porsche announced it would be ditching its Le Mans prototype program to dive into the electron-powered open-wheel series; that came just days after Mercedes-AMG declared it would be leaving the German Touring Car Championship (a.k.a. DTM) to focus on Formula E. Jaguar, Citroen, and Renault already have established footholds in the electric racing league; Audi and BMW will also soon be joining them, while McLaren will soon be providing batteries for the race cars.  

In spite of all that, there's one famous sports car company you shouldn't expect to see in Formula E anytime soon, however: Ferrari.

That's the word on high from Ferrari and Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne. According to, Marchionne doesn't see a place for the Prancing Horse in the electric series—but there could be a role for one of FCA's other brands. 

"I do not think Ferrari enters directly," Marchionne said, reports. "However, we are thinking of doing so as FCA. And if we will enter, with one of the brands from the group, we do not know which one it will be right now."

Now, while the idea of Hellcat-happy Dodge entering Formula E just to troll other carmakers makes us smile, FCA seems more likely to choose a brand that's already pushing an electric car-friendly message. And as it turns out, just last week, Marchionne declared that one of Fiat-Chrysler's other nameplates would be pushing significantly into hybrids and electric cars in the next three years: Maserati. 

"When [Maserati] completes the development of its next two models, it will effectively switch all of its portfolio to electrification,” Marchionne said, according to Auto Express. (Among those electrified models expected to arrive soon: a hybrid version of the Levante crossover, and the Alfieri sports car, which is expected to be either a hybrid or an EV.) 

With Maserati, by Marchionne's own account, leading FCA's charge into the electric car world, having the Trident represent Fiat-Chrysler in Formula E makes all the sense in the world. Besides, battery-powerered or not, it'd be a damn fine sight to see Maserati jump back into the world of professional racing.