Plug-in Maseratis to Lead the Charge for Fiat Chrysler Electric Vehicles

Fiat-Chrysler wants to go all electric, and Maserati will be the brand’s pioneer.

byChris Constantine|
Plug-in Maseratis to Lead the Charge for Fiat Chrysler Electric Vehicles


Although some companies still aren't willing to accept it, electric cars are becoming the new norm, and smart automotive manufacturers are scrambling to secure their positions at the green tip of the spear. Even Fiat-Chrysler has sparked an interest in this current trend, announcing plans to start electrifying its fleet in 2019. FCA plans to jump-start the process by electrifying half of its luxury component, Maserati. Fiat-Chrysler has completely switched directions, as its leaders originally fought against hybrid technology for fear of losing profits.

According to AutoExpress UK, Fiat-Chrysler plans to release a couple of fully electric Maseratis in 2019. FCA is in talks to electrify half of its full lineup by 2022, with Maserati getting innovative EV technology before the rest of the fleet. AutoExpress speculates that one of the first electric Maseratis will be the highly-anticipated Alfieri, which is slated to arrive next year. If the Levante SUV proves a success, it's safe to assume that it will also get a plug-in variant fairly soon. 

This is quite a change of heart for FCA boss Sergio Marchionne, who admits that he was initially hesitant to steer Fiat-Chrysler in this direction. Remember, this is the same man who, in 2014, said not to buy the plug-in Fiat 500e because it was losing profits for Fiat instead of gaining them. 

These plans are acting as a going-away present from Marchionne who plans to retire in 2019, the same year that Maserati's transformation begins.