Maserati Is Seeing Rapid Growth, Report Says

Say what you want about the Levante crossover. It's keeping Maserati afloat.

Fiat Chrysler’s profits are up 15 percent for the second quarter of 2017, according to Automotive News. A big part of that growth is Maserati which quadrupled its earnings and nearly doubled its shipments from April to June. The profit margin for Maserati hit an impressive 14.2 percent compared to 6.2 percent one year ago.

Surprising no one, the huge growth at Maserati was lead by the Levante crossover. Purists may scoff, but we were very impressed with the Levante when we took one for a spin last year. The satisfying blend of everyday practicality, Italian style inside and out, and Ferrari-sourced performance make the Levante a compelling offering. It’s up against tough competition, but it’s exactly what most people in the market for a high-end crossover are looking for.

In other FCA news, CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed he’ll be stepping down in the near future to be replaced by someone else from within the company in early 2019. He’s not planning on keeping any involvement with the company after his exit.

Marchionne also confirmed that two important new models for the company, the JL Jeep Wrangler and the DT Ram 1500 are on track. The new Wrangler will debut this November and we’ll see the new Ram pickup at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2018.