A Second Maserati Crossover Will Arrive by 2020

It will share a platform with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

byEric Brandt|
A Second Maserati Crossover Will Arrive by 2020

According to its sales numbers, Maserati is having a fantastic year. The Italian brand’s rapid growth is largely thanks to the Levante crossover which has quickly become the best-selling model in Maserati’s lineup. Since crossovers are the only thing anybody wants in the luxury market these days, it only makes sense for Maserati to add one to its fleet.

The Levante is such a hit that Maserati is giving it a little brother. Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne says a new, smaller Maserati crossover will arrive in showrooms by 2020 according to Automotive News. The new Maserati will be based on corporate cousin Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio which just hit dealers this year. While the two crossovers will share chassis components, there will likely be a completely different engine in the new Maserati.

Maserati is wisely taking a page right out of the Porsche playbook. The Porsche Cayenne was such a big hit that it added the more compact Macan to the lineup. Now the Macan outsells the Cayenne with the two crossovers by far being the brand's two best selling models. We’d be surprised if the same thing didn’t happen at Maserati.

The currently unnamed Maserati crossover will be a more upscale competitor to the likes of the BMW X3, Audi Q5, and Jaguar F-Pace. If it sticks to the Levante’s formula of distinct Italian style, rip-roaring performance, and a well-crafted interior, its new, smaller stablemate is sure to be a success.

Maserati’s sales rose from 23,900 to 36,000 vehicles sold in the first three quarters of this year. Marchionne is expecting a volume of 70,000 to 80,000 units per year for the once-low-volume brand which is ambitious, but attainable with the right crossovers leading the pack in sales.