For Sale: Military-Issued 1968 Jeep ‘Five-Quarter’ Dump Truck Is the Ultimate American Workhorse

If it can carry the weight of an entire nation, it can probably carry whatever you have in your garage.

byCaleb Jacobs|
For Sale photo

Military-style Jeeps paved the way for the consumer success story we know today and, looking back, they've turned into collector items themselves. Classic Willys CJ models have their own cult following with diehards vouching that they're the only real Jeeps and, on the other hand, there are the brutish Jeep trucks that were crucial in America's mid-century war efforts. The latter bred a series of tough and rugged pickups that gained popularity, the most notable being the Jeep M175 "Five-Quarter." 

Now, a stellar example of the heavy-duty machine can be yours as a ridiculously cool two-tone Five-Quarter is up for auction on Bring a Trailer.

Unlike the dolled-up off-roaders of today, these were genuine workhorses that gained charm via their outstanding capabilities. This 1968 model is no different as the seller bought it from the United States government after it was put out to pasture as a non-running project. They then swapped over a handful of beefy upgrades including a tuned 5.7-liter Chevrolet V8, making sure that it had enough power to turn the 20-inch steel wheels and 38-inch Firestone tires.

The truck maintains a certain aesthetic that can be attributed to the era in which it was designed, when America was largely an industrial nation. Its no-frills attitude is juxtaposed by a red-and-white paint job and the cabin features beige, black, and little else. A lengthy list of modifications, including 5.88:1 differentials and a Warn winch, don't distract from its character but instead make it all the more adept at getting the job done without fuss.

It's in good condition, though it features a few scratches and dings—enough to encourage you to actually use the thing instead of letting it sit in a barn. The five-digit odometer reads 97,000 miles but it supposedly stopped turning once the Chevy engine was swapped in some 30,000 miles ago. 

As of Monday, there's still a week to go before this Jeep heads off to its new home. It's worth keeping an eye on if you're interested in adding a bonafide classic to your collection—one that'll get you wherever, whenever.