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Did You Know Kevin Hart Owns a Hellcat-Swapped 1970 Plymouth Barracuda?

It's nice to know that some Hollywood personalities actually have good taste.

Modern-day Dodge Challengers and Chargers are performance machines with a hint of retro styling to them, but if you want the full retro Mopar experience, you need a 1970 Barracuda. The downside to the throwback muscle machine is that it’s nearly 50 years old and doesn’t have contemporary performance or reliability. Kevin Hart’s new ‘Cuda built by Speedkore is special, though, because it has a Hellcat V8 Hemi engine under the hood.

Besides Speedkore, who has also built stunning machinery for the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Hart enlisted HP Tuners to modify the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 and Gearhead Fabrications for, well, some of the fabrication. Sending power to the rear wheels is a ZF eight-speed automatic, the same automatic which lives in the modern Hellcat Challengers and Chargers. It’s reliable, the shifting is quick, and it’s easy to cruise around town in. While we would have liked to have seen it with a manual, there are worse transmissions to have.

The interior is completely redone and to save space and have a streamlined look, the ‘Cuda has a rotary shift knob instead of a physical shifter. It does make the dash look sleek, even if it’s not a retro-inspired component. New gauges pair to a period-correct steering wheel, making it look like it rolled off the assembly line in 1970.

On the outside, noticeable changes have been made to the wheels, tires, and brakes. The ‘Cuda sits low, with the wheels tucking up inside the fenders. The blue paint doesn’t scream “look at me” but adds a classic vibe to the performance machine.

Under the hood is truly a thing of beauty. The engine bay is clean, with all of the wiring and accessories covered up so all someone can really see is the block, the supercharger, and the massive intake needed to suck air into the car to keep things going.

We aren’t sure how much it cost, but considering who purchased it, it probably wasn’t cheap. We do want to drive it, though.