This 2013 Hyundai Elantra Has Traveled More Than 1 Million Miles

While the milestone itself is crazy, the fact that it was achieved using the original powertrain is all the more impressive.

byElizabeth Puckett|
Hyundai News photo

Farrah Haines is the owner of this 2013 Hyundai Elantra that, for the most part, looks like every other carbon-copy that rolled off the company's assembly line just five years ago. However, it's very likely the most well-traveled example of them all with more than 1,000,000 miles accumulated—all on the original powertrain.

Despite eclipsing the seven-figure mile mark, the Elantra is extremely clean and obviously well cared for. Farrah added a few things, like a grille guard, to help protect her car through the many hours of driving. 

Thanks to her job as a delivery driver, Haines was able to rack up that many miles in less than half-a-decade. In all, she travels about 200,000 miles a year, which is fine by her as she only took up the job as she loved to be behind the wheel and figured she might as well make money in the process.

When her car reached the milestone, Haines was, understandably, a little disheartened that there wouldn’t be a way for her to show the achievement—digital odometers just don't have the space for so many digits. It was then that Hyundai stepped in to create an exclusive badge, recognizing her achievement. Dubbed "The Million Mile Emblem," Hyundai created it as a genuine part that it will award other drivers with should they achieve the astounding feat. 

While driving the same car to a million miles in just five years is a big deal, Farrah says she’s looking forward to the next milestone of 1.5 million miles. 

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