Genesis G70 to Feature Digital Instrument Panel With 3D Imagery in 2019

3D technology is apparently moving from our living rooms into our cars.

byJerry Perez|
Genesis G70 to Feature Digital Instrument Panel With 3D Imagery in 2019

Korean automaker Genesis Motors is growing the list of innovative technologies in its G70 sedan in 2019, with the addition of an all-new instrument panel with 3D imagery. A 12.3-inch screen will be the first of its kind in the automotive sector and is set to make an appearance in the Korean market at first.

According to Motor Authority, Genesis designed the screen using stereoscopy, a technique that's used to create three-dimensional effects by adding the illusion of depth to flat imagery. The screen is built with the ability to track the eyes of the driver to accomplish the effect, which could come in handy with certain driving-related systems like navigation or autonomous driving features. According to the automaker, the displays will be highly customizable, giving the driver the option to choose which information is displayed at all times. These can include getting 3D directions or even seeing a lap timer right on the screen in the case of a sports car. Different modes on the digital 3D display can cater to the preferences of the driver, or the style of driving during the trip, as selected. 

Of course, this technology may not be for everyone, so drivers who are uncomfortable with the way 3D imagery looks will have the option of switching to the regular 2D viewing mode.

While details are still sparse about the full capability of the Genesis 3D instrument panel, a big question remains about future availability in the North American market. Don’t expect to see it show up in the 2019 G70 models as they’ve already gone on sale in the United States, but it could show up in the 2020 G70s. If not, there's always the year after that.

"We can't comment on future availability as this is yet to be determined for the U.S. market," a Genesis spokesperson told The Drive.