Watch the Hoonigans Launch a Rally Car on Dish Soap for Science

I mean, if you want to call it that.

In a new video series that uses science to test some of the automotive world’s urban legends, Hoonigan has proposed a challenge tougher than any real-world condition could present: launching a rally car on a Slip ‘N’ Slide doused in dish soap. 

To give you an idea of the type of content seen in the series titled Scumbag Labs, the first episode had the Hoonigan crew soaking tires in bleach to see if it had an effect on the length and ease of rad burnouts. Mildly-science-related experiments such as these don’t serve much of a purpose, but like anything that involves the fun-having crew, it’s more for the entertainment value than anything.

For the most recent episode, Americas Rallycross (ARX) and Hoonigan-sponsored driver Steve Arpin came to help out by lending his skill, and his 650-horsepower all-wheel-drive rally car, to the cause.

Hoonigan | YouTube

Like true scientists, the Hoonigans do a control test of Arpin driving the Ford Focus on their wacky launch pad without soap. Arpin is able to achieve a time of 1.3 seconds from the start to the end of the tarp. Once several buckets of dish soap were added, that time extended to 4.9 seconds. Alongside that project, another test was performed to see how many gears Arpin could row through before the end of the Slip ‘N’ Slide. He not only reaches his max gear of sixth but also knocks his time down to 4.1 seconds using that strategy. Who’d’ve thunk it?

To catch the action, check out the Hoonigans’ video below and, as they mention in the video, “maybe” don’t try this at home.