2024 Lincoln Nautilus Adds Hands-Free Driving and a Screen That Spans the Dash

Lincoln's latest luxury crossover can now be told apart from the Aviator and Corsair.

Yes, the Lincoln Nautilus is new for 2024. Not only does it look fresh, but an optional hybrid 2.0-liter is on offer as well with 310 horsepower. Nautilus customers may or may not care about that, but they’re sure to pay attention to the reworked interior and newly available Blue Cruise hands-free driving assists. Oh, and don’t forget the screen.

Up to now, the Nautilus has been nearly indistinguishable from other Lincolns like the Corsair and Aviator apart from its size. This sleek redesign helps it stand out, though it’s very likely the brand’s other crossovers could follow suit with similarly squinted headlights and a full-length taillight out back. What’s maybe most interesting is the Nautilus’ exterior door handles, which stick out below the windows just like the Continental’s. They’re funky, but I like ’em.

The 2024 Nautilus’ paint colors include Red Carpet, Diamond Red, Chroma Caviar, and Blue Panther, which sounds like Black Panther but don’t expect vibranium bodywork. These can be paired with a host of new interior color schemes: Black Onyx and Medium Light Space Gray, Smoked Truffle, or Black Onyx and Allura Blue. The latter is solely offered on the Reserve model, and if you step up to the Lincoln Black Label model, you can get the Redwood theme which is meant to feature “a tree-inspired motif.” Lincoln’s words, not mine.

All these fancy color and leather packages are meant to compliment the expansive display that stretches across the Nautilus’ entire dash. There’s yet another, more traditional screen mounted below that, meaning there’s more digital real estate here than you’ll find in any other Lincoln. Love it or leave it, that’s the direction car design is trending toward. I’m sure it’ll sell plenty of folks on the car when they see it in person.

Same goes for Lincoln Rejuvenate, a feature that flashes brilliant animations on said display while also spritzing signature scents into the cabin. Two of the scents—Mystic Forest and Ozonic Azure—provide hints of patchouli while the third, Violet Cashmere, does not. Occupants can pick which scent they want on the touchscreen as well as the strength of said smells. This is meant to help drivers relax and recharge, especially when they also spring for the available Perfect Position seats that are adjustable 24 ways.

This same comfort and convenience extend to the driving experience as well thanks to Blue Cruise, Ford Motor Company’s hands-free driving assist that used to be called ActiveGlide on Lincoln models. The system can now perform automated lane changes when prompted by the driver with a touch of the turn signal, or suggest such a maneuver when cruising through slow traffic.

Finally, the 2024 Nautilus comes standard with a 2.0-liter turbo four that targets 250 hp and 275 pound-feet of torque. Spend a little more and you can get that same engine paired with a 100-kilowatt electric motor that bumps output to 310 horsepower. Both send power to all four wheels, so traction shouldn’t be an issue.

Lincoln hasn’t said just how much the 2024 Nautilus will cost, but expect them to show up at dealer lots early next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a slight price hike over the current entry point of $46,220 but then again, most will have plenty of options tacked on anyhow.

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