2024 Lexus LC 500 Ditches its Frustrating Trackpad, Gains Ultimate Edition

Lexus’s infamous trackpad burdens the LC 500 no longer and is replaced by a 12.3 inch touchscreen.

byNico DeMattia|
Lexus News photo

Later this year, the 2024 Lexus LC 500 will fix its biggest issue—its much-maligned infotainment trackpad. Lexus has been slowly transitioning away from its trackpad system for the past few years, in favor of a more modern touchscreen setup. The LC 500 is one of the last Lexus models to still use the old cumbersome controller but this year will finally mark its end.

In addition to kicking its trackpad, Lexus upgraded the infotainment screen from a 10 inch unit to a 12.3 inch one. Lexus also moved the screen 86 mm (3.4 inches) closer to the front passengers, to make it easier to use now that it's a touchscreen. Additionally, Lexus upgraded the voice recognition system, which can now be summoned by saying "Hey Lexus" and will respond to up to 100 different commands. Thankfully, climate controls are still physical in the LC 500.

Lexus didn't just swap screens and call it a day, though. Center console switches are now longitudinally laid out, a new aluminum volume knob is easily accessible by both front passengers, Apple CarPlay is now wireless or wired (Android Auto is still wired-only), and there's a new cloud-based navigation system.

Additionally, the 2024 Lexus LC 500 gets two new paint colors and two new interior options. The two new paints are Heat Blue Contrast Layering and Sonic Copper, while the interior choices are Blue & White and DK. Rose. The LC 500 now has a digital rearview camera and, if you choose the Sport Package, you get carbon fiber sill plates.

The two-door stunner is safer than ever now, thanks to some updates to Lexus' Safety System+, which now can spot cyclists, in addition to other cars and pedestrians, and brake accordingly. The system can also steer the LC to keep it in lane and slow it down if it notices a slower speed limit sign.

Perhaps the most exciting news is its suspension, which features updates to its shocks, springs, and underbody braces. It also has a updated steering, upgraded engines mounts, and a re-tuned brake-by-wire system.

New to the LC 500 lineup is the Ultimate Edition, which brings a few unique features. One of which is its exclusive Hakugin White paint, which features a matte finish inspired by Japanese porcelain. It also gets integrated canards, which are molded into the bumper, instead of being tacked on top. Lexus calls this design a world first. Inside, that matte white paint is contrasted by a Kachi-Blue interior, supposedly inspired by samurai armor and known as a kachi-iro (winning color).

Lexus could have just thrown out the trackpad and customers would have been happy. However, Lexus also added a few new features and subtle tweaks that should help the LC 500 remain an exciting, interesting option in the world of high-powered GT cars. Normal 2024 Lexus LC 500 models go into production in May 2023 for the European market, though there's no word on when they might come to North America. Euro market Ultimate Edition models start production in September 2023.

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