Ford Is Delaying Some Ford GT Deliveries Over Supplier and Testing Issues

If you have a GT scheduled for delivery, we feel … well, we don’t feel bad for you. At all. But you will have to wait a bit longer.

byChris Tsui|
Ford News photo


If you've got a 2017 Ford GT on order—well, first, congratulations. Seriously. 

However, bad news, your wait may have just grown a little longer. 

According to Automotive News, Ford is delaying the deliveries for some of its GT supercars due to "supplier constraints and homologation testing issues." A letter was sent to affected owners this week saying, "The craftsmanship required to build these vehicles for global markets has required that we adjust our original timing projections." Ford goes on to say that an updated three-month projected delivery window will be provided within a week. 

The 647-hp Ford GT is built and assembled at a Multimatic plant in Markham, Ontario (about a half hour's drive north of Toronto). At the moment, Ford refuses to say exactly how long prospective GT owners will have to wait, but the company says that it has "nearly completed the ramp-up process." Once that's complete, Multimatic has the capability to build one GT per day, resulting in approximately 250 units a year. The $450,000 supercar is expected to stay in production through the 2020 model year. (Here's a quick exercise for the STEM majors: calculate the total number of GTs that will be produced, and put your answers in the comments.) 

A Ford spokesman told AutoNews that the first 50 GTs have already been delivered. Among the lucky early recipients: Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford, "retired" Ford CEO Mark Fields, and of course, prolific car collector/late night icon/denim enthusiast/YouTube host Jay Leno. However, Forza Motorsport boss Alan Hartman may have to be a bit more patient. Sorry, Alan.

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