TVs As Big as 98″ (Yes, 98″) Are on Sale on Amazon Right Now

We live in a golden age of cheap TVs—it pays to peek at sales because good stuff gets deeply discounted all the time.

byAndrew P. Collins|
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Sometimes I think I have more seat time in front of my TV than I do driving my project cars. Heck, I must. Recognizing this, I say it's worth investing in a nice flatscreen if you find yourself in the same boat. But nice doesn't have to mean super-expensive, here are some TV discounts currently live on Amazon.

This 98" TCL Class XL 4K Smart TV is an edge-case with a $6,000 price tag—but even that is a bargain considering its normal list is $8,300. The rest of these are more realistically justifiable as a slightly impulsive buy.

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