Save $1,100 on a 77-Inch TV at Amazon and Get Set for Formula 1

Sales on electronics abound this week. It’s time to bring the race to your living room.

byRobert Bacon|
Save $1,100 on a 77-Inch TV at Amazon and Get Set for Formula 1
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Formula 1 is fast becoming the most popular racing series in the United States, bested only by NASCAR. This year's F1 calendar featured an extra event stateside with the addition of the Miami Grand Prix. Unfortunately, even with the Miami event, there are only two races in the U.S. this year, meaning most of us will be watching the action from our living rooms early Sunday morning.

Anyone who gets up before 7 a.m. Sunday to watch a race deserves a rewarding experience. I've spent the last 24 hours finding the discounts that’ll make it feel like you’re close to the action without leaving home.

The deals I’m most excited about today are a gigantic OLED TV from one of the biggest names in the business, a sound system that'll make it feel like you're in the car, and a pair of headphones that’ll keep you involved in the action without waking up the house. If you opt for the top TV and sound system, you’ll save a staggering $3,349.

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If I were kitting out my cave to watch the Grand Prix in Spain this weekend, my money would go to these bargains: