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Experience Top Gun: Maverick the Right Way With Amazon’s Fire TV Sale

A 75-inch television for $600. You can beat that!

byHank O'Hop|
Amazon Fire TV Deals


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Top Gun: Maverick isn't just a film. It's an experience that will change you for the better, even if you don't walk away with a sweet new mustache. (I'm looking at you, fellow reporter Robert Bacon.) If you didn't have time to catch it in theaters, now's your chance with a digital copy you can watch whenever you want. You don't want to spoil the experience by witnessing the awesome on your tired old television. But you're in luck. Amazon is running a killer sale on last season's Fire TVs as well as on brand-new sets that'll set you up to experience this modern marvel in a manner of which our savior himself, Tom Cruise, would approve. 

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