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If These Posh Driving Shoes Aren’t Meant for Us, Then Why Are They on Sale?

Best advice to turn gray skies blue: Slip on a pair of comfy shoes, get in the car, and drive.

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You can never be too rich or too fancy. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Sure, it does. My champagne wishes and caviar dreams always have a lot of fancy cars in them, especially little European sports cars to go zipping around the always lush and sun-dappled countryside. And one way to pretend that I am manner born is by gearing up for a Sunday drive. This means driving gloves and, of course, driving shoes. I mean, what’s fancier than a pair of shoes you only wear when you drive?

They really do hit the spot, so luxe and plush, you want to drive all day. I took a spin around my favorite online shops and found quite a few great deals on driving shoes. Not all of the ones I found are for fancy driving, though. There are even some good racing shoes, for those whose fantasies are more track based. Go ahead and slip them on for sim racing, too. I won’t tell.

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