Chemical Guys Has the Best Prime Day Deals on Auto Detailing Kits and Supplies

At these prices, it’s way past time to refresh your car cleaning products.

byCorrina Murdoch, Jon Langston|
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Any chance to save big money is welcome — especially when it's something we always need. Prime Day has a kazillion deals, and it can be impossible for auto enthusiasts and car lovers to agree on the must-haves. But one thing we can all agree on: Chemical Guys makes great stuff. And right now during Prime Day, we can all save up to 40 percent on Chemical Guys complete line of auto detailing and car care products.

Auto detailing is an ongoing chore. You treat your car well, tending to its upholstery, protecting its exterior. Now, you can keep your wallet safe with these impressive deals on all sorts of Chemical guys detailing products. Usually, you’d pay a pretty penny for these top-of-the-line supplies.

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That’s what makes Prime Day so exciting. We’ve tracked down some of the hottest deals on Chemical Guys car care products so car lovers can make sure to win on Prime Day. Let’s dive in!

A nearly $70 discount for Prime Day, the Complete BUF 209X Detailing Kit by Chemical Guys is a great value. Particularly for those who are new to car upkeep, this comprehensive set is a terrific choice. The kit includes a dozen parts, including a corded Torq orbital polisher and multiple buffing pads. Thanks to the dual action movement of the head, you get efficient results whether you’re waxing, cleaning, or polishing. The kit is stocked with a durable backing plate, bottles of pad cleaner and conditioner, and a set of buffing pads for every compounding, polishing, and finishing step along the polishing process. In conjunction with the included cleaner and microfiber cloth, whether you’re a novice or pro, this gives you quality results. Regularly $200, pick it up on Prime Day for just $133.

With ten items designed to perfect your tires’ appearance, this Prime Day deal on Chemical Guys Complete Rim and Tire Kit is worth a look. The set includes a series of brushes designed to scrub away debris in all the hard-to-reach spots on your rims. The included sponge consists of two layers, meant to work with the rubber and metal components on the wheel. Complete with a cleanser and conditioner, this set also includes a separate bottle so you can mix fluids if needed. The set is topped off with the wax coat wheel guard, providing a hydrophobic layer on your rims so you can prevent damage. Complete with cloths, brushes, and specialized wheel maintenance formulas, this set comes with everything you need to restore your tires. It's $85 normally; during Prime Day, it's only $68.

A perfect scratch-free shine starts with proper car wash and dry techniques and products, and the all new wash and dry kit contains everything you need for a weekly wash on any car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV. Rinse away dirt and grime and add deep gloss and shine with the slick Mr. Pink car wash shampoo. Choose Citrus Wash & Gloss for removing heavy duty stuck-on dirt, bugs, and grime. Hold mountains of foamy car wash suds in the Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket, and drop in a Dirt Trap car wash bucket insert to filter abrasive dirt and debris away from clean water and soap. Separating dirt and debris from the premium Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt reduces the amount of dirt rubbed back onto the paint to cause swirls and scratches. Car drying is another crucial point for preventing scratches, so lubricate the surface and release stuck-on water with After Wash spray and an extra large premium Miracle Dryer Microfiber Towel. Snap on the heavy-duty Bucket Lid and sit on the top to easily clean wheels or store all your car wash gear until the next car wash. Buy if for yourself or for someone you love; either way, you'll save $31 off the regular price of $75.

A heavy-duty, professional detailer grade, extra soft, silk-banded microfiber towel. Now, how about 12 of them? This towel is indeed a superior quality towel at an amazing premium price, and this price for a dozen of them is impossible to beat. Developed for detailers and OEM customers that simply needed a microfiber towel that would stay nice and soft and extremely absorbent, this streak- and lint-free towel is ideal for every job, from wax and sealant removal to polishing jobs. Did we mention there were 12 of them? Usually 25 bucks, they're nearly half off right now.

This is a really good deal for Prime day. If you've got a ceramic coating on your sweet ride, you need this bundle. It includes Chemical Guys' HydroSuds Ceramic Shine Silica-Infused Car Wash Soap, HydroSpeed Ceramic Quick Detailer, and HydroSlick SiO2 Ceramic Coating HyperWax. Normally $82, right now it's yours for just $54.