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Some Powerful Streamlight Flashlights Are a Nice Deal on Amazon Right Now

Streamlight makes a wide selection of flashlights, from lanterns and tactical spotlights to EDC options and even high-end keychain lights. They're not cheap, but they do look sweet.
Streamlight EDC

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The flashlight brand Streamlight has been a favorite around here for some time. They’re definitely not the cheapest, but the build quality and performance figures are great. Plus, they look sweet. On top of that, they come in a wide variety of styles for different applications.

I actually realized the company had a good sale going when another editor sent me a link to one of the company’s great everyday carry options, the 88811 Wedge light, which is over 40% off right now. Again, it’s still not cheap, but that’s all the more reason to take advantage of a deal, right?

Regardless of the intended use, I personally prefer USB-rechargeable flashlights over more traditional AA or AAA-powered options because I find them more convenient. But since I know some folks still prefer ones with interchangeable batteries, I’ll include a mix in this roundup. If you have a preference, just make sure you double-check the listing before ordering. And I suppose if you want to be rechargeable but the unit you like is battery-powered, you could just pick up some rechargeable batteries and a charger (here’s one on sale)!

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