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Motorcyclists Want Presents, Too: The Drive Holiday Gift Guide

Braaping around the Christmas tree, at the Christmas party hop. 

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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I happen to love motorcycles. I know, I know, how could you have guessed such a thing? Certainly not all the moto content yours truly has produced. No, sir

What I actually love more than riding and talking about them, however, is helping folks find the right gear for the motorcyclist in their lives. And given what time of year it is, it’s primetime to help you figure out which gifts your loved ones would want. 

Yes, good sir or madam, I’ve pulled together a heaping handful of the best motorcycle-themed holiday gifts that your lover of two-wheels will go gaga over. I’ve got all your last-minute gifts, perfect to ring in the new year and get them riding pretty come next season. 

Let’s get wheelin’.

Jonathon Klein

A Honda Africa Twin

Everyone wants a new bike. Why not make it one of the best: Honda’s Africa Twin. It is Happy Honda Days, after all. 


A Dope Helmet

While helmet shopping is usually a personal thing, if you know your rider well enough, you can surprise them with something far cooler than they’d likely buy themselves. Here are a few to get you started.

Jonathon Klein

Gloves Are Easy Gifts

A motorcyclist can never have too many gloves. It’s just not possible as if you ride a lot, you’ll inevitably wear through them. So an extra set is always appreciated. But you shouldn’t skimp on gloves. They protect your fingers, after all. Here are some of my favorites, including a set I own!


Let Your Kids Braap

My kids have been on motorcycles since, well, long enough that my wife no longer gives me side-eye for how young they were when I started riding with them. But they’re getting to the age where they really need their own and start learning the fundamentals of riding themselves. Yours do too!


I hate riding without music. It helps further insulate my ride and lets me just…relax. But I can’t do that without something to play my music. Now, I know that headphones aren’t allowed in some jurisdictions, but that’s pretty easy to solve as moto comms units can also play music.

Jonathon Klein

Film Getting Lost, But Find Your Way Home

The woods is where I love to go and explore and taking an audience with you is half the fun. Start your own Daily Rider or Fort9 YouTube series with these action cameras and drones, while also staying in contact with the outside world with these comms. 

Jonathon Klein

You’re Gonna Have To Fix Stuff 

I routinely break things. It’s just my nature. But I’ve gotten pretty good at fixing them, too. That, however, comes down to the tools I have at my disposal, so here are the best you can get the motorcyclist in your life. 

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