Kawasaki’s Elektrode Is the Perfect Gift for Young Motorcyclists

Start ‘em young on Kawasaki’s electric balance bike.
Kawasaki Elektrode
The Drive - Robert Bacon

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Kawasaki is one of the biggest names in motorcycling, and team green has been a dominant force in AMA Supercross and World Superbike over the last decade. But you can’t become James Stweart or Jonathon Rea by hopping right onto a Kawasaki dirtbike. The Elektrode is an entry-level electric balance bike that’s here to usher in the next generation of riders.

Propelling this tiny motorcycle is a 250-watt in-wheel brushless electric motor. There are three selectable power modes: low, mid, and high. When set to high power, the top speed is 13 mph, which drops to five mph in the low-power mode. Don’t worry, there’s a password-protected parental lock for adjusting the speed modes to reign in your little speed demons.

The rider controls the motor via a twist throttle, just as you would on a full-size motorcycle. All the stopping force comes courtesy of a hand-operated rear disc brake. Powering this machine is a frame-integrated battery, which lasts up to 2.5 hours and takes around the same amount of time to charge fully.

The bike is suitable for children aged between three and eight years old. There are four inches of seat adjustability, and it’ll be a good fit for kids that are 37-to-55 inches tall. It has a maximum load capacity of 99 pounds. The motocross-style handlebars are also adjustable, allowing you to change the ergonomics of the motorcycle as your little one grows.

Your little one doesn’t have far to fall from the Elektrode, but you still need to kit them out with the best safety gear from head to toe. If I was preparing my kid for trails, they’d be wearing the Fox Racing Youth V1 Leed HelmetAlpinestars Youth Neck SupportFox Racing Youth R3 Chest Protector, and Alpinestars Youth Tech 3S Boots.

The Elektrode is more than capable of riding over loose surfaces. It runs on 16-inch cast aluminum wheels wrapped in knobby rubber. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum and features foldable steel foot pegs. And thanks to its KX-inspired styling, this bike looks every bit the part. Let us know in the comments if your child will throw a leg over this miniature green machine anytime soon.

At $1,099, it’s not cheap but would undoubtedly make for an unforgettable present this holiday season. 

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