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Save $100 on Garmin’s Instinct 2X Solar and More Watch Deals at Amazon

You need a watch that will put up with everything you throw at it. These deals on ruggedized watches will make sure your break time isn’t literal.

byMichael Febbo|
Watch Deals at Amazon


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I used to be a little bit of a watch guy, it used to be compulsory for car enthusiasts. About five years ago, I bought an Apple Watch at the recommendation of my doctor; long story. Anyway, once I put on the Apple Watch, my other time pieces have sat untouched in display case on my dresser. I still find myself looking around every once in a while, especially when good watch deals are running.

If I were to replace my Ultra 2, there's a good chance it would be for something at least, if not more rugged. I have not complaints with my current watch, but I feel pressure from the cycling community to try out a Garmin. Hank O'Hop tested out a Garmin Instinct a while back, and if anyone was going to break a watch, he'd be the man to do it. That Garmin Instinct 1 is currently on sale for for $189.99 and the newer Garmin Instinct 2X Solar for $349.99 both on Amazon.

But, if smartwatches aren't your thing, some tough dumbwatches are also on sale. The Casio Men's G-Shock for $49.88 which is pretty much the OG ruggedized watch. There's also a couple of choices from Timex, you remember them right? Or, if you're like me, and are probably just going to stick with your trusty Apple Watch Ultra 2, you can make that even tougher with a suit of armor from Spigen.

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