16+ Stellar Cyber Monday 2023 Smartwatch Deals: Apple Watch and Garmin

Prices won’t get better than this on Apple, Garmin, and smartwatches for kids.

byMichael Febbo|
16+ Stellar Cyber Monday 2023 Smartwatch Deals: Apple Watch and Garmin

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As a car enthusiast, I feel a certain amount of pressure to be a watch enthusiast. For a number of years, I certainly tried to be. I own a Tag Heuer and a few other decent beginner watches, but once I started wearing a smartwatch, all my dumbwatches have been sitting in a nice aluminum display case on my dresser. A top-of-the-line smartwatch is pretty reasonable compared to a nice collectible timepiece, but they do have a much shorter life span and very little resale value after a couple of years. So, picking up the latest and greatest with a Cyber Monday discount makes the price much more palatable.

Like any other computing device, there is a hard line drawn between Apple and the rest of the industry. I wear an Apple Watch Ultra 2 and love it. I have nothing against other brands and will not argue my choice or yours. I Have found the best prices on Apple and Garmin, the two big players in smartwatches. Some of The Drive's other editors have reviewed the Garmin watches (another review) and have been very impressed. You can find great deals for Cyber Monday on both Apple Watches and Garmin Watches below.

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