Initial Impressions: Benchmade’s Immunity Knives Are Sick

New knives? I believe I will!

byJonathon Klein|
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I love Benchmade's knives, as they're robust things. Unlike other pocket knives, they have a weight that speaks to their high-quality components and I feel as if I can trust them with whatever hell I put them through. And I have, I've repeatedly put my Adamas and Fixed Adamas through the sort of abuse most engineers don't even test to. Why? Because I'm the edge-case scenario that makes them quiver in their boots.

And now, the company is launching two new everyday carries that look incredibly promising: the Partial Immunity and Full Immunity. Neat, let's get into it.

What Are They?

The new knives are automatics—though a manual is available for those whose states don't allow automatics—and they open with the pull of the Auto-lock Axis. The action is incredibly smooth and has a weighted pull to it so that you don't accidentally set it off in your pocket. There's also a thumb lock alongside the spine of the knife, which makes accidental opening a near impossibility on both knives.

The two are separated by the blade's length, as though some states ban automatic knives fully, some only ban automatics with certain blade lengths. As such, the Partial Immunity features a sub 2-inch Wharncliffe blade made of CPM-M4 Super Steel coated in black cerakote. The Full Immunity has all the same features, but a 2.5-inch blade. And both come in the same 3.5-inch billet alluminum frame. They're also incredibly sharp from the factory, both able to shave my hand hairs easily.

And while I equate Benchmade's weight to being good, that's not to say they're extremely heavy or will weigh you down in the process. These puppies are light, only weighing 2.23 oz for the Partial Immunity, and 2.29 oz for the Full Immunity. That's nothing.

So Are They Benchmades?

After playing with each of the knives for the last few days, I can say that they live up to the high expectations I have for Benchmade's products. I cycled both repeatedly and their action hits with a hefty punch. That action spring is tight. Literally.

I also really like the annodized billet aluminum shell, which feels like it can take a beating. I threw both into my knife drawer, as I'm testing out a host of pocket knives, and opened and closed the drawer with some vigor to see how they'd hold up hitting other knives. There were no scratches or burnishing to speak of.

I'm Gonna Beat Them Up

The one thing I'm not a super fan of is the piece of cord attached to the base of each knife. It's a minor quibble that's incredibly easy to remove. I get that it makes removing it from your pocket easier, but it was pretty easy to begin with, so I'm not sure how much time you're saving and holding it with the cord dangling isn't the best feeling for me.

As with all Benchmades, they come at a premium. The Partial Immunity will set you back $260, while the Full Immunity costs $300. However, as I stated in my Adamas review, all Benchmade's are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and the brand's LifeSharp guarantee, which guarantee's Benchmade will "re-sharpen your knife to a factory edge for free, for the life of the knife. Our LifeSharp® services includes cleaning, oiling, adjustments, and re-sharpening." That in itself is worth its weight in gold, but I'm truly a fan of lifetime warranties, as it means the brand stands by its craftsmanship.

And from my experience with Benchmade's products, I believe in them. I trust them. I put them to use. And I'm going to. I might even try to skin an elk if I get a chance.

But what do you all think? Are you gonna spring for one of the Immunity line? Let me know in the comments below.