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Initial Impressions: Harbor Freight’s Hercules 20V Cordless Compact Jobsite Blower is Handy As Heck

Harnessing wind is more useful than one might initially assume.
Hercules 20V compact blower
Peter Nelson

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In the wide world of tools, certain cordless units aren’t major necessities for everyone. Nor are they all major time-savers. But the added convenience that they offer is massively appreciated. One of those is a good blower. No, we’re not covering horsepower-boosting modifications like a supercharger, but rather a compact blower that has a myriad of uses, especially if you keep your garage door open a lot. 

Recently, Harbor Freight sent me its Hercules 20V Cordless Compact Jobsite Blower, and its use has become more and more regular than I thought it would. Let’s talk about how useful this blower has become to my everyday garage use. 

Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Cordless Compact Blower

I’m Using It 

That might be jumping the gun a tad, but hey, it happens with such simple fare. But let’s get some specifications out of the way, first.

This specific cordless blower unit pushes 120 cubic feet of air per minute, or as HF boasts, 200 mph wind speeds. It weighs just three pounds before you snap on a 20V Hercules battery, and has three speeds. Included are a sweeper, extension nozzle, and various adapter tips to concentrate all that CFM and tailor your blowing to whatever needs you have.

Its packaging was quite compact, as in, I wasn’t sure how big this unit would be. Surely its dimensions are a far cry from a conventional leaf blower, right? They are and in a good way.

Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Compact Blower
Peter Nelson

Small and Powerful

The thing about HF’s Hercules compact blower is it’s indeed compact, which I really like. It’s small but mighty, and easy to throw in a tool bag and port around anywhere. The grip is very substantial, too, and I really like how it balances in my hand.

With a battery hanging off the back to compensate for business-end climb, and it’s very light and easy to handle at full power. In fact, I’ve only used it at full power, and never has it caused any pain to my rickety old wrists.

It’s not super loud, either. While I haven’t run any rudimentary decibel test just yet, there’s no auditory annoyance like so many other cordless units. Sure, it might annoy close-by neighbors at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, but otherwise it’s not like a ravenous gas-powered leaf blower. 

I won’t be confused for those annoying people in my neighborhood who absolutely need their yards landscaped every friggin’ morning. No, sir.

Anyway, I look forward to finding every conceivable use for HF’s Hercules 20V compact blower that I can in my life. I’m going to use it around the house as well as at the track—stay tuned for exactly why. Not to get too ahead of myself, but I already used it to clear off my driveway to perform some BMW 128i maintenance, and man, it’s nice to get off the deck and not be covered in tiny rocks, leaves, and twigs. Maybe I’ll test out an old theory, too…

With that, what would you like to know about it? Also, if you have any additional automotive use recommendations, please share!