Grease Gun Deals You Need to Keep Your Joints in the Fight

You’ll use a grease gun every oil change. Why not treat yourself to a good one?
Grease Gun Deals

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If you’ve got greaseable ball joints in your car, you ought to be lubing them up every oil change. In fact, the same should generally be done for any greasable joint in your car. It’s a bit of a pain in the neck, but skipping it is signing yourself up for even more annoying work. The kind of work that could have been avoided with a simple extra step added to your normal service routine. That’s exactly why I went ahead and rounded up the best deals on grease guns currently running on the internet.

The reason I’m even thinking about this is because I was getting greasy under my 1969 Dodge Charger last night. The Heidts suspension kits I installed on it are loaded with greasable joints. Because I want this setup to last a lifetime, I was making sure the 4-link and ball joints were all well-lubricated. The Performance Tool grease gun I used to get it done is actually on sale for $19.41 at Amazon.

Performance Tool 14-Ounce Pistol Grip Grease Gun for $19.41 at Amazon

Mechanical grease guns like that are great for folks like myself who are working on a budget. However, greasing the upper Heim joints on the rear really helped me understand the value of a cordless grease gun. Even in a home shop, doing away with the need to physically pump a lever in tight, awkward, dark spots like that really makes them a worthwhile investment. Especially when deals like the one at Harbor Freight, where a free grease gun is tossed in with the purchase of Hercules 20V Battery Charger Starter Kit for $119.99, are on the table. Possibly even better yet for the DIYer is the Roughneck Cordless Grease Gun With Battery and Charger going for $49.99 at Northern Tool.

Roughneck Cordless Grease Gun With Battery and Charger for $49.99 at Northern Tool

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