Evolution of the Porsche 911, Captured in Under Two Minutes

The entire history of the world’s most beloved sports car, condensed.

byBrendan McAleer|
Porsche News photo

We love all sorts of donuts here, from smokey to sprinkles. Educational Donuts? Even better. Check out this video Donut Media whipped up, charting the evolution of the Porsche 911, from skittery air-cooled classic to the 500-horsepower fury that is 2016 GT3 RS. Mmm. Porschelicious.

Now, are those amongst us who’d have you believe any video about the 911’s evolution should simply return a “404: not found” error message; Porsche’s iconic two-plus-two hasn’t really varied much in shape over the years. And there are those purists who will press pause at the 45 second mark—just before the water-cooled 996 shows up—and then throw their computer out the window. Forget them.

It’s amazing to see the 911 shift and swell, sprouting the ducktail spoiler of the 1973 Carrera RS 2.7, the fender-flares of the 993 GT2, the whale-tail of the Turbo. First the 911 crawled, then it ran, and then it flew with a giant wing on the back.

So sure, the story of the 911 is the antithesis to Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s “Simplify and add lightness” dictate. With every passing year the car gets larger and more complex, developing a laundry list of acronyms to help it get ‘round the corner without spinning into the underbrush. However, the essentials are all still there: Teardrop shape, flat-six engine, and a pair of decorative back seats. What car Donut Media should treat their evolutionary process to next?

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