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Stop What You’re Doing and Visit Home Depot for This Big Ryobi Sale

We check Home Depot’s Ryobi sale every day, and it keep getting even better.
Home Depot Ryobi Deals
Home Depot Ryobi Deals The Drive - Robert Bacon

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This is not a drill. We might be witnessing the greatest power tool sale of our lifetimes. Well, at least my lifetime. You may have noticed we’ve paid a lot of attention recently to Home Depot’s Ryobi sale, and there’s a good reason. It keeps getting better. We here at The Drive are looking on in astonishment, wondering when these offers will end.

We have some theories as to the reason behind these outrageous sales, but Ryobi hasn’t confirmed anything yet. The only thing we’re sure of is that they can’t continue much longer. The best deal I’ve found is a free One+ 18-Volt High-Performance tool when you buy a discounted battery and charging kit. If you pair that deal with this One+ Half-Inch Impact Wrench, you’ll save an incredible $320. But you don’t have to opt for an impact wrench, as you can pair the deal with one of Ryobi’s many power tools.

Normally, I wouldn’t suggest buying something you don’t need just because it’s on sale. But if you do any DIY home or automotive maintenance, these deals are too good to pass up. I’d be amazed if one of these offers doesn’t make you hit Add to Cart.

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